Men’s Health and The Importance of Exercise

21310574090_healthy-valentine.jpgEvery person needs to seriously take an interest in their personal health. It’s so obvious when you walk down the street that many people do not even consider taking some form of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Or they might consider it but they never actually get around to doing it. I think this is very sad really, because lack of exercise can quickly lead to such health issues as obesity, cancer and heart disease. There is absolutely no doubt that a well balanced diet and some form of daily exercise will play a big part in our personal health. This means that you really need to have a decent diet and a regular exercise regimen. Whether you are a man or a woman it’s irrelevant. Since i am a man, i obviously read men’s health magazines and articles for advice. If you’re an up to date male, who wants to learn how to live a much longer life, then you should really be doing the same.
Have you ever actually wondered when your hair will start thinning or when your metabolism will come to a sudden halt? These are the common questions with men. I think it’s quite normal for most of us to start wondering the answers to these questions when we get into our 30′s. All of a sudden it hits us that were not teenagers anymore. The college life is long since gone and it’s time for us to become mature and to think smart. More than likely you will have a loving family of your own now. So it’s really time for you to think about your personal health and your future well-being for the sake of your family. When I turned 35 at the beginning of this year, this is exactly what I did. Okay, it wasn’t actually the same day, because i was too busy celebrating my birthday, but it was the day after. I suddenly began searching for health related articles and men’s health magazine subscriptions on the internet. I thought this was the best place to start. An issue that had been lingering with me for a while was prostate cancer. And it still is to this day. I read that many thousands of men are diagnosed with this form of cancer, and i don’t want to be one of them obviously. So i decided to start researching prostate cancer and find out if there were any ways in which it could be prevented, and to my delight, i found out there are a number of ways in which you can. This is a men’s health issue that you really should start thinking about.
The magazine called “men’s health” is such a great source of information. I subscribed to this magazine and i get it delivered to my door step. It informs you about all sorts of different ways to exercise, get in shape and eat healthy. Also, about the most common diseases and afflictions in men, such as prostate cancer, hair loss, erectile disorder and more. If you’re a man and you really want to become a much healthier person, then you need to learn more about men’s health today.

Eat the three dishes more is good for Men’s Health

01310574091_h4mweb1.jpgEat the three dishes more for Men’s Health
Most men should eat three dishes and more willing to call themselves predators. However, it was reported that the latest report of the UK Food Research Institute says that if you eat a small amount of broccoli every week, it will help prevent prostate cancer.
NO1.   Broccoli
The study subjects were divided into two groups, respectively, per week were eating broccoli or 4 peas. The results showed that eating broccoli in a patient’s body to a “cancer gene”, can protect men from prostate cancer attacks. Prostate cancer is the second most on the 2nd cancer killer of men with lung cancer each year, 68 million people worldwide suffer unfortunately, there are 22 million people have died. The first time a human trial studies, recently in the “Public Library of Science journal” published. In addition to broccoli, the same cruciferous cauliflower, cabbage, anti-cancer effects are not bad, men should also eat more.
NO2.   Spinach
In addition, men should also be studying the “Popeye”, eat more spinach. Spinach contains trace elements of magnesium, can muscle carbohydrates into available energy, to increase the strength of the effect of male muscle. Of course, for men, spinach and more significant advantage is that folic acid and iron can promote the synthesis of red blood cells, increase blood oxygen carrying capacity, speed up blood circulation, and fundamentally can improve male sexual quality of life.
NO3.   Tomato
“It is worth mentioning that the tomato is also a man of good fruits and vegetables should not be missed.” Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, First Affiliated Hospital, director of male urinary tract, said Dr Zhou Shaohu, not only rich in vitamin C, contain lycopene There are “clear” the gland, the role of prevention of prostate disease.