Award Honors Success in Fight Against Diabetes

f_11310573618_eat-healthy.jpgIce cream or yogurt? Regular or diet soda? These may not be critical decisions at your dinner table – unless you’re one of nearly 18 million Americans living with diabetes today.

People with diabetes face daily challenges. To remain healthy, they must monitor their blood sugar levels, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Some people also need to take insulin to stay alive.

In an effort to recognize champions of these challenges, Eli Lilly and Co. established the LillyforLife Achievement Award in 2002. The award celebrates the inspiring achievements of people of all ages who live with diabetes.

Those recognized do not have to be well known or famous for their achievements but can be everyday people who have accomplished or are working toward exceptional personal success.

This year, Lilly has expanded the award program to include not only people with diabetes but also anyone impacted by the condition or involved with the diabetes community.

Categories of submission include: patients age 18 or over; patients age 17 or under; professionals; caretakers or spouses; and journalists.

One person from each category will be selected by a panel of judges to receive this special award. Applicants are eligible to apply for one category. Peer or self-nominations are accepted from the public through Aug. 30, 2004.

Last year, Rick Largent was honored with the first ever LillyforLife Achievement Award. Largent has been living with type 1, or insulin-dependent, diabetes for 25 years. He has faced extraordinary challenges during his life beyond diabetes. An unfortunate accident left him quadriplegic, and he later lost his 19-year-old daughter to cancer.

Largent neglected to control his blood sugar, putting himself at risk for diabetes-related complications. It was not until he began using an insulin pump that he started taking control of his health again.

Largent began traveling cross-country sharing his story and teaching others that anything is possible when diabetes is managed well. He also visited Capitol Hill in an effort to educate policymakers on the dual dilemma of diabetes and disabilities.

Largent’s resilience to conquer diabetes and quadriplegia represents the kind of spirit the LillyforLife Achievement Award stands for. As many who live with diabetes know, if the disease is managed, there’s no reason you can’t achieve your goals.

Health Insurance Reforms Easy To Insure Me Health Insurance Quotes

11310573432_buyindhi.jpgPresident Obama’s Health Insurance Bill

President Obama Releases New Health Care Proposal in Time for Health Summit: On Monday February 22, 2010, White House officials unveiled a new health insurance reform overhaul that builds on the Senate version passed last Christmas Eve, with some changes aimed at pleasing House Democrats who had concerns with the Senate bill. The President’s proposal does not include the public option, despite the hopes of Senate Democrats, due to White House concerns that the provision will hinder passage in the Senate. President Obama ignored requests by Republicans to scratch the Democratic plan and start over. As such, Republican leaders questioned Democratic motives and labeled the bill as a massive government takeover of America’s health care system.

Republicans Insist House Democrats Don’t Have the Votes to Pass Legislation: Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced on Wednesday that Democrats don’t have the necessary votes to pass the President’s proposal in the House because of three new House vacancies and lagging support among some moderate Democrats. At issue for some Democrats are weaker abortion provisions in the President’s proposal as well as the ongoing controversy over passing a bill by a simple majority, a process known as reconciliation.

Health Care Summit Preview

On Thursday, the President’s Health Care Summit began at 10:00 a.m. with opening comments from the President, followed by remarks from both Republicans and Democrats. The discussion centered on four themes: controlling health care costs, overhauling the insurance market, reducing the deficit and expanding insurance coverage. Prior to Thursday, several top Republicans and some Democrats stated that expectations were extremely low for the Summit’s success.

House Republicans arrived armed with their own version of a health care bill that encourages small businesses to join together to buy insurance, gives federal money to states to run high-risk pools for those unable to obtain private insurance and limits damages in medical malpractice lawsuits. The Republican plan would cost $61 billion and cover three million people over ten years. In contrast, President Obama contends his plan would cost $950 billion and cover 30 million people over the same time period. However, officials at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicated they would not be able to officially score the President’s proposal with just a summary – that legislative language is needed.

Note: A full summary of the results from the Health Care Summit will be included in next week’s newsletter

Additional Activities

WellPoint Executives Defend Premium Increases: On Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing to examine the proposed health insurance premium increases by Anthem Blue Cross in California. Anthem, a WellPoint subsidiary, recently informed subscribers in California that premiums for individual insurance policies would be raised an average of 25 percent, with some rates going up as much as 39 percent. Angela Braly, president of WellPoint , said the premium increases were justified by soaring medical costs, and that pending legislation could make the problem worse, driving up costs further for young, healthy people.

“Raising our premiums was not something we wanted to do,” Ms. Braly said . “But we believe this was the most prudent choice, given the rising cost of care and the problems caused by many younger and healthier policyholders dropping or reducing their coverage during tough economic times. By law, premiums must be reasonable in relationship to benefits provided, which means they need to reflect the known and anticipated costs they will cover.”

In Sacramento , Leslie Margolin, president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, also testified before lawmakers, joined by vice president and general manager James Oatman. The focus of that hearing was also the proposed premium increase for California members in the individual market, with company executives pointing to the current economic climate and rising health care costs as reasons for the rate hikes.

U.S. House of Representatives Repeals Antitrust Exemption from Health Insurance Companies: On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted 406-19 in favor of repealing a 65-year-old antitrust exemption from health insurance companies. Democrats said the repeal would lead to increased scrutiny of the industry. Yet, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said last year that repealing the exemption would not significantly reduce premiums because states already investigate health insurance companies.

In addition, industry executives pointed out that legislation could further hinder competition and the ability to share information to improve health care quality. “Health insurance is one of the most regulated industries in America at both the federal and the state levels,” said Karen Ignani, president and chief executive of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). “The real focus should be on addressing the rising cost of medical care, which is putting an unsustainable burden on families, employers and the federal budget,” she said.

Public Opinion

Polling Suggest Health Care Reform is Still Key to Economic Recovery: Recent polling on health care reform shows mixed reaction among the public over the proposed legislation. According to a recent CNN poll, 48 percent of those questioned said lawmakers should work on an entirely new bill and 25 percent felt that Congress should stop work on health care reform altogether.

According to the monthly poll from the nonpartisan Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 75 percent of Americans still think it’s important that Obama include health care reform in addressing the nation’s economic crisis, while many still harbor doubts about the legislation.

When asked how health care legislation relates to their economic situation:

* Nearly 31 percent said they thought the Democratic bills would make their personal financial situation worse, compared with 10 percent who said it would improve their family budgets.
* Forty-two percent said the nation’s fiscal condition would suffer because of the legislation, compared with 26 percent who said it would get better.
* Americans were divided on whether the Democrats’ approach would improve overall access to health care around the country, with 35 percent saying it would and nearly that many disagreeing.

Health Insurance Coverage Varies Widely Based on Age: Coming just before the President’s Summit on Health Care Reform, a newly released Gallup Poll reinforces the wide degree of variability in health insurance coverage across U.S. population segments, especially when it comes to age. Eighty-four percent of 18-year-olds have health insurance, most likely because they are still covered under their parents’ policies. By age 22, health insurance coverage reaches its lowest point, with just 66 percent maintaining coverage. From age 22 on, the percentage of Americans with health insurance begins to climb, albeit slowly, reaching the 95 percent level at age 65 when Medicare becomes an option.

Looking Ahead

Legislators need to determine next steps for health care legislation coming out of the President’s Health Care Reform Summit. On Wednesday, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius invited executives from the top five insurance companies to meet at HHS to discuss their companies’ insurance premiums.

Therapeutic uses of Honey in Ayurveda

f_11310573543_p4a4.jpgThe FAO Codex Alimentarius Commission defines honey as ‘the natural sweet substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers or from secretions coming from living organisms feeding on plants, that bees gather, transform and combine with specific ingredients, store and leave to ripen in the combs of the hive.’

In Ayurveda honey is called as “Madhu”. Its qualities are explained as follows.

“Vaatalam guru sheetam cha raktapittakaphapaham |
Sandhatru cchedanam ruksham kashayam madhuram madhu ||-

“It has sweetness (madhura rasa) with added astringent as end taste (Kashaya anu rasa). It is heavy (guru guna), dry (ruksha) and cold (sheeta). Its effect on doshas is as follows It aggravates vata, scrapes kapha and normalizes pitta and rakta. It promotes healing process.-

The contents of Honey are
1. Sugars like fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, lactose and other disaccharides and trisaccharides.
2. Proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids,
3. Volatile aromatic substances.
4. Ashes and water etc.

Various ingredients of honey have helped it to become not only a sweet liquid but also a natural product with high nutritional and medicinal value.

The medicinal quality, taste, texture, color, aroma of honey differs according to the geographical area and the species of plants from which it has been collected.

Types of Honey:

Eight types of honey are described in ayurveda depending on the type of bee which collects it. They are Pouttika ,Bhramara .Kshoudra, Makshika , Chatra , Arghya ,Oudalaka ,Dala .

Pouttika – This honey is collected by very large bees from the nectar of poisonous flowers. It increases vata, causes gout and burning sensation in chest.It is also sedative and reduces fat.

Bhramara – This honey is collected by large bees and Sticky in nature.

Kshoudra – (Honey collected by medium sized honey bees ) light and cold in nature. Dissolves Kapha.

Makshika – (Honey collected by small honey bees) very light and dry natured. Usefull in VataKapha diseases and kapha diseases

Chatra – Heavy and cold in nature usefull in gout, Leucoderma (Shwitra),

Arghya – Good for eyes but causes arthritis .

Oudalaka – Useful in skin diseases, and helps in modulation of voice.

Dala – Dry and reduces vomiting.

Amongst all the above “Makshika” is considered as the best type with immense medicinal properties.

Therapeutic uses of Honey:

1. As it contains sugars which are quickly absorbed by our digestive system and converted into energy, this can be used as instant energizer.
2. As it is hygroscopic it speeds up healing, growth of healing tissue and dries it up.
3. Honey acts as a sedative and is very usefull in bed wetting disorders.
4. Honey is very good antioxident which restores the damaged skin and gives soft, young looks.
5. Honey has antibacterial properties due to its acidic nature and enzymically produced hydrogen peroxide.
6. Constant use of honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria and viral diseases.

In Ashtanga Hridaya the great classic of ayurveda, the therapeutic uses of honey are explained as follows.

“Chakshushayam Chedi tritshleshmavishahidmaasrapittanut |
Mehakushtakrimicchardishwaasakaasaatisaarajit ||
Vranashodhana sandhaanaropanam vaatalam madhu ||-

Healthy Foods for Summer

21310573616_healthy-lunch-af.jpgWhen the temperature is constantly rising in the hot summer days, you easily get symptoms like anorexia, sweating, sleepy and so on. Therefore, you should have a reasonable diet to reduce the above-symptoms. The following list is the healthy foods which are good for your health in the summer.
Black sesame
Black sesame contains unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Black sesame
Nuts like almonds, peanuts are rich in amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids are good for heart. They may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Celery contains alkali can protect heart function. You should need to eat leaf of celery, because the leaves contain more nutrients. The leaves contain more vitamin C than the stalks, it is also rich in plant nutrients and high nutritional value. Celery is a vegetable fiber. According to recent studies, eating foods is rich in fiber may reduce risk of heart attack.

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C foods, sodium, potassium, iron, potassium which is best. Heart disease usually has low potassium trend. Thus, eating potatoes is not only potassium supplements but also adds sugar, protein, minerals, vitamins and so fourth.

Wood ear
Eating wood ear can stimulate the digestive tract, speed up the excretion of cholesterol. Wood ear is good for people with cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

Wood ear
Soy contains many amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids and can promote metabolism and cholesterol in the body.

Corn contains linoleic acid is diuretic, and helps stabilize blood pressure.

Eating kelp can promote the excretion of harmful substances like cholesterol and prevents blood clots, arteriosclerosis and increase blood viscosity.

Spinach is rich in folic acid can prevent cardiovascular disease. Moreover, iron and trace elements in spinach also have the effect of tonic.


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Cheap But Healthy Food

11310573619_istockphoto-6148437-i-love-healthy-eating.jpgHere’s an anecdote told by Former US President George Bush: “I do not like broccoli. I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. I’m President of the United States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli!” Truth to tell, most kids do hate to eat broccoli and not enough cajoling from stressed parents could make them eat the greenest of vegetables. Unfortunately, the worldwide financial crisis also affects what people eat in more ways than one.
Nowadays, with the financial crisis continuing, budgets are really tight-from governments, businesses, companies, charity organizations, and even households. For employees with regular payroll, when the budget is stretched to the limit, they could count on a cash til payday loan against their salaries. Short term loans like these could really help them augment their income, particularly when there are money emergencies to deal with that are outside the household budget, such as car repairs, medical bills, and other food expenses.
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Learn the Basics About Organic Foods

It is not enough to know that organic food is believed healthy. This article will let you learn some basics about organic foods. Easy Healthy Raw Food Recipes

Healthy raw food is the best way to maintain your health and life. Every time someone suffers from a major health issue in their life they are immediately asked to go back to eating raw food, the question is – if raw food is so good for a diseased body, why shouldn’t it be taken early on? Creating Delicious and Healthy Foods

You know you want to do it but you just don’t know how. You want to get rid of your oversized jeans and shirts but can’t resist Mr. Fries and Burger. You want to stay active and full of energy but you have a hard time doing it. What Are the Best Ways of Cooking Healthy Food?

If you have decided to follow a diet plan to lose weight, you then need to decide how best to prepare your meals. Even though you may be having fresh fruit and vegetables, you won’t want to eat everything raw. There are several ways of cooking healthy food and you will be able to do so without having to make great changes from your usual cooking methods.Today, it is easy and safe to get faxless payday loans online because there are many reputable websites that offer financial services.
However, when it comes to food expenses, even with a tight budget, it is not advisable to cut down the money for food, more importantly, when the food is for a family with growing kids. It is better to save on petrol or energy bills and make little adjustments to the family’s lifestyle in order to cut back expenses from such things, but never on food. When families lessen their food intake because of money troubles, it would not be long before medical bills start piling up, too. The best way to maximize the food budget is to choose wisely, the food bought and consumed.
Picking the right food is not just wise budgeting but also adds to a healthy diet that could protect the family from heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and even depression. There are certain inexpensive but nutritious foods that protect people from the range of disease mentioned. The key is knowing those foods, why they work, and how the average Australian could practice healthy eating at home. And guilt-free, of course.
There are several general principles on eating healthy. The first is to eat fresh food. Sometimes picking fresh food instead of processed products can be a bit expensive but people should think of it as an investment to their health. The old saying, eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, is true because eating healthy would lessen the possibility of falling ill to debilitating diseases or even the common virus such as the flu. Secondly, get sugar from whole foods like fruits and whole grains. Instead of drinking sodas and sports drinks, try fresh, home-made orange juice. For snacks, busy employees could bring a banana to work to munch on or any kind of berries. Lastly, get salt from natural and unprocessed sources like fish. Low sodium in the food intake would decrease high blood pressure, and at the same time, provide natural vitamin D and omega-3 fats to help in preventing depression.

Live healthy-healthy snack for adults

11310574023_100-healthy-raw-snacks-tiny.jpgHealthy snacking for the adults should become part of our lives. Knowing how busy we seem to be, we can’t lack some few minutes to have a snack the problem with us is that we are too busy for everything, too busy to drink water, too busy to go for some exercise, too busy for everything which concerns your body health.

Having idea on how you can make some sacks will never do you any harm if you discover how important you need to keep your body healthy. These ideas are not for just any other snack which has more fat then the snack itself-thus, talking about having ideas on having a healthy sack that will help you in case of hunger strike. You don’t have to necessary make it an option for the hunger strike. In fact, you should incorporate it as part of your diet. Healthy snacks for adults are completely different from those of children, even if your children find themselves taking. The reason is because of the energy content of these snacks. Most of them have a high level of energy and thus it would be advisable if you make them too strictly for the adults and if the kids are to eat than on rare cases.

The good thing with you preparing healthy snacks for adults rather than buying is because those which are meant for commercial purposes at times may contain certain elements that are not good for consumption. Remember that even if they are calling them healthy snacks for adults, they are still in business, you know what I mean, the primary objective it to make profit-right? Thus, of you can make the snacks yourself, you will get the time to incorporate the important ingredients when you are making it. Thus, chances of having fat elements on your snacks are already less.

There are those who may be unlucky to get time to prepare one but then lets look at the alternatives to having the healthy snacks for adults. What are the ingredients in the first place since of you get the ingredients; you will get to know if you can go by the ingredients if you don’t have time to prepare the snacks. These snacks are usually made from small fruits like grapes, blue bellies, cherries and the like. There are others who use the oranges which are in fact the perfect ones. What am I driving to? You can make it simple. One thing that is concluded here are that the snacks combines most of the fruits. Now, of you don’t have enough time to prepare the snacks for adults, you can opt for the ingredients, fruits in specific.

Ensure that you go buy an exact amount of intake if the different fruit components each day. The same way you take the fruits, then the same way the other person which is taking a snack only that he may be few meters way due to some additional ingredients. With this, you are sure to save tome and energy of preparing the snack. However, am not recommending you to opt the fruits of you have been taking healthy snacks for adults, am just creating a way for those who are too ‘busy’ to prepare one. But of you get a chance to prepare your own snack, you are sure you arte few miles off the diet suit.

Buying Cheap Health Insurance Online

21310573432_medical-insurance-quote-2.jpgIncreasingly, more people are buying health insurance online because of the large number of offers featured on the Internet. There are many insurance providers that offer cheap health insurance quotes for those who are on a tight budget. However, finding the best plans available on the market is not as easy as it seems. Before you start searching for online health insurance providers, you should take into consideration a few things.Easy To Insure ME has the answers

The easiest way to obtain cheap health insurance quotes is to visit independent websites that allow customers to search for medical insurance online. Many of these websites provide a short form that you will have to fill in with information about your health condition, medical history, weight, height, age, gender, pre-existing conditions, lifestyle, drinking and smoking habits and more. Once you provide these details, you will receive cheap health insurance quotes based on your answers. If you provide accurate details, then you will obtain free quotes that meet your requirements.

Customers who use quote comparison websites usually receive cheap health insurance quotes from the best online health insurance providers. However, it is important that you research each and every company in order to find one that is financially stable and has a good reputation in the industry. Check if there are any customer complaints and search for unbiased information about the company you are interested in. Keep in mind that a reliable insurer will provide you with a custom health insurance quote designed to suit your particular needs.

As soon as you gather three to five cheap health insurance quotes, you will need to compare them side-by-side. Make sure you get these quotes from reputable online health insurance providers. Take into account the amount of coverage provided, as well as the rates that you will have to pay every month. Check if the policy covers pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, medical emergencies, maternity services, routine examinations and surgical procedures. Ask about the limitations and exclusions of the policy.

Talk with people you know such as family members and friends in order to find out more about this type of insurance. You should never stick to the first quote you get, because you can always find a better one. It is advisable not to buy the least expensive health insurance plan. You should rather search for cheap health insurance quotes that offer a large amount of coverage at an affordable price. When shopping for health insurance online, you can be rest assured that each and every quote will be accurate. Most online health insurance providers offer quote comparison services for free, so you should take full advantage of this opportunity and compare as many cheap health insurance quotes as you can.

Great Tasting Healthy Snacks

01310574022_healthy-snacks-for-kids.jpgWhat healthy snacks can you eat while on a diet?
Even while you want to lose weight, you might feel hungry between meals and the good news is that there are some healthy snacks available. From the classic choice of fruits up to some a bit less obvious things, there is a wide range of foods that you can choose from. Of course, you should keep your main goal of losing weight in mind and not overdo it. Even the healthiest food will make you gain weight, if you eat too much of it. So what healthy snacks for weight loss can you eat without endangering your goals?
Classic healthy snacks
Fresh vegetables and fruits are the perfect choice for a quick snack. An apple or some carrots can quickly satisfy that hungry feeling, while their healthy nutrients and fibers support you in your diet. In order to avoid sabotaging yourself, you shouldn’t keep chocolate or other unhealthy snacks in your fridge. Instead, prepare an apple or other fruits by slicing them up in the morning and placing them in the fridge. This way, you can quickly grab some healthy snacks when you feel like it. If you have children, this is also a great way to stop them from eating unhealthy sweets.
Nuts also make great healthy snacks for weight loss
Nuts are often being avoided because they contain much fat. But in low quantities they also make for a great snack in-between meals while they provide you with many important nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. When you choose them as healthy snacks, you should always make sure to get a dry-roasted mix of them. Otherwise they are pretty much full of unhealthy saturated fatty acids that will not only counteract your weight loss efforts, but also harm your cardiovascular system.
Avoiding fat and sugar in your healthy snacks is important
This is why, for example air-popped popcorn, also makes a great snack when you try to lose weight. It is important to look for foods that contain high amount of fibers because they will sate your hunger while they have a low amount of calories. So, things like unsalted crackers made out of whole-grain and crisp breads are also a great choice for healthy snacks.
Yogurt and low-fat cheese are also a perfect choice because they contain a lot of protein and this is what keeps you sated for a long time, too. Of course, you can also combine fruits and yogurt for a very vitamin-rich and healthy snack. You can be very creative in combining those basic things so you don’t have to abandon some variations in your snack plan.
Chocolate can also be a healthy snack
Nuts aren’t the only counter-intuitive choice when it comes to picking a snack that is good for you. Of course, all the cream-filled kinds of chocolate aren’t healthy. But, pure chocolate, which has a high amount of cocoa, preferably above 70 %, is very healthy. Cocoa contains a lot of valuable nutrients that are good for your body and overall health. You shouldn’t overdo it though, as overeating healthy chocolate, will of course make you gain weight again.
Where to find recipes for healthy snacks?
You are not the only one trying to lose weight and so there are many books and websites available on the subject. You have now some general knowledge about healthy snacks. So you can easily do a research on the common search engines. Things you need to look out for are not only the number of calories, but also things like vitamins and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. You will see that there are many such recipe databases that are very useful and that will give you inspiration for your own snacks.
It is important that you can enjoy losing weight. You now have a lot of ideas of what you can eat between meals to stay sated all the time. This should help you against the main reason for failure in keeping a diet. The healthy nutrients in all the different foods you just learned about will keep your body and mind functioning even while you only eat reduced amounts of calories. So, keep counting your calories and don’t feel bad while enjoying some healthy snacks in-between meals.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle…slowly And Easy To Accomplish

01310737548_yoga.jpgThese days there is a lot of talk about living a healthy lifestyle. Let us see what a healthy lifestyle means. For the most part a person who lives a healthy lifestyle does not smoke, eats a healthy diet, exercises, and maintains a healthy weight.
All of these may sound easy and the big deal is that it is easy. It requires that one make lifestyle choices. The key is to make changes slowly so it does not shock your system and your body will be able to handle the changes. In this way, your body will be able to accept and create a new habit. Small changes like drinking another glass of water or adding a few more steps to your routine, and even starting to add fruits to your cereal are just a few of the possible changes you can make. The problem we tend to have here in America is that we are too sediment. Exercise is required as a part of healthy lifestyles. Many people seem to think that exercise has to be a certain amount of vigorous action.
However, the truth is that any movement is movement and it will help. Any activity will help even if it is as simple an activity as gardening. Any moderate activity will be a big help. Doing your regular chores, cleaning house, and maintaining the yard are a few examples. Just adding a little activity to your daily life will do some of the following for you. You can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It will reduce stress and enhance self-esteem. Exercise can improve memory for older folks. Even the small amount of activity will improve your life in many ways. A small change and moderate weight loss will derive many health benefits in your life. Just 10% weight loss from obese patients will reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and increase longevity according to a health study.

Men’s Health and The Importance of Exercise

21310574090_healthy-valentine.jpgEvery person needs to seriously take an interest in their personal health. It’s so obvious when you walk down the street that many people do not even consider taking some form of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Or they might consider it but they never actually get around to doing it. I think this is very sad really, because lack of exercise can quickly lead to such health issues as obesity, cancer and heart disease. There is absolutely no doubt that a well balanced diet and some form of daily exercise will play a big part in our personal health. This means that you really need to have a decent diet and a regular exercise regimen. Whether you are a man or a woman it’s irrelevant. Since i am a man, i obviously read men’s health magazines and articles for advice. If you’re an up to date male, who wants to learn how to live a much longer life, then you should really be doing the same.
Have you ever actually wondered when your hair will start thinning or when your metabolism will come to a sudden halt? These are the common questions with men. I think it’s quite normal for most of us to start wondering the answers to these questions when we get into our 30′s. All of a sudden it hits us that were not teenagers anymore. The college life is long since gone and it’s time for us to become mature and to think smart. More than likely you will have a loving family of your own now. So it’s really time for you to think about your personal health and your future well-being for the sake of your family. When I turned 35 at the beginning of this year, this is exactly what I did. Okay, it wasn’t actually the same day, because i was too busy celebrating my birthday, but it was the day after. I suddenly began searching for health related articles and men’s health magazine subscriptions on the internet. I thought this was the best place to start. An issue that had been lingering with me for a while was prostate cancer. And it still is to this day. I read that many thousands of men are diagnosed with this form of cancer, and i don’t want to be one of them obviously. So i decided to start researching prostate cancer and find out if there were any ways in which it could be prevented, and to my delight, i found out there are a number of ways in which you can. This is a men’s health issue that you really should start thinking about.
The magazine called “men’s health” is such a great source of information. I subscribed to this magazine and i get it delivered to my door step. It informs you about all sorts of different ways to exercise, get in shape and eat healthy. Also, about the most common diseases and afflictions in men, such as prostate cancer, hair loss, erectile disorder and more. If you’re a man and you really want to become a much healthier person, then you need to learn more about men’s health today.